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Off Leash Dog Park

With your cooperation we can all enjoy the park.

The Strathmore off Leash Dog Park is located in the Spruce Park Industrial area at the west end of Slater Road. All public is welcome to bring their furry friends to the park for leash free exercise time. Please respect other pet owners by complying with the following rules:

  1. Use of the off leash dog park is at own risk
  2. Dog Park is open from dawn until dusk
  3. Children under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult
  4. Pick up after your dog and place waste in the appropriate garbage receptacles
  5. Keep the gate closed at all times
  6. Vicious dogs are not allowed in the park
  7. Be aware of your dog at all times
  8. Dogs must remain on leash upon entrance and exit from the park – NO EXCEPTIONS
  9. Please ensure your pet does not harass livestock in the surrounding pasture
  10. If you are a Strathmore resident, all pets must be licensed in the Town of Strathmore and have current vaccinations
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